Spike Tape Vinyl Decals

Spike Tape Vinyl Decals

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Spike Tape Decals

We all love spike tape!
Being a technician means you get to use spike tape ALL THE TIME. These little spike tape corners are sure to keep your stuff right where you want it. Spike everything.

♥ Stickers are made from layered black and flourescent vinyl.
♥ Glossy finish, glows under UV light.
♥ Available in yellow, green and pink tape.
♥ Each spike is approximately 2-1/8" x 2-1/8"
♥ Permanent Adhesive
♥ Hand wash only

Even though they are weatherproof and waterproof, stickers NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DISHWASHERS. Please tap dry with a napkin or towel after washing to prolong sticker life.

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