Can I make you a vendor for my school?

Yes! I have already signed on as vendor for a couple of schools. Send me an email so we can chat.

Do you offer tax exempt for school?

Yes, but in order to get the tax exemption you will need to create an account on the site. Email a copy of your paperwork to mightwithalltrades@gmail.com. Once your paperwork has been received, your account will be adjusted to reflect tax exempt at checkout. 

Do you offer personalization?

Some items can be personalized in the form of a zipper pull such as the makeup bags and the tech bags. Christmas ornaments can be fully customized. 

Do you offer any wholesale pricing?

It really depends on the product. I have collaborated with some other small businesses and depending on the quantity, have worked out some pricing. Send me an email so we can chat. 

Are your products sold in store?

No. You can only buy my products on my official website, Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop and on Etsy. Any other third party website is a scam. Please do not fall victim to fake listings. 

Can you change my Tech Crew Merit Badge into an Actor Merit Badge?

No. While we technicians love our actors I think it is important to represent our technicians to the fullest. The market is saturated with actor related swag from some amazing small businesses. I want tech to have something special to call its own.