MAB Compendium 2.0
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MAB Compendium 2.0

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When it became apparent that the Covid-19 pandemic would change the educational landscape, the creators of MAB knew that it would become difficult to effectively teach Technical Theatre digitally. Realizing that there was already a lack of resources for educators in the content area, MAB decided that we would create a collection of resources, a compendium, to assist teachers both in their digital and physical classrooms.

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The compendium includes the following units:

Unit 1 - Welcome week, theatre tech history and basics
Unit 2  - Design 101
Unit 3 - Scenic Standards
Unit 4 - Scenic Design
Unit 5 - Lighting
Unit 6 - Properties Design
Unit 7 - Sound Design
Unit 8 - Stage Management
Unit 9 - Musical Marketing
Unit 10 - Hand Sewing
Unit 11 - Costume Design
Unit 12 - Mask Design
Unit 13 - Makeup Design
Unit 14 - Final Project
Unit 15 - Evaluating Live Theatre
Unit 16 - Musical Build (portfolio page activity for those that use their classes to assist during musical season)
Unit 17 - Extra Assignments and Sample Rubrics 

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