Ghostlight Tarot Holographic Sticker
ghostlight stickers
Ghostlight Tarot Holographic Sticker
Ghostlight Tarot Holographic Sticker
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Ghostlight Tarot Holographic Sticker

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Ghostlight Holographic Sticker

Every stage has a ghostlight that helps keep the theatre spirits away. This Halloween candle features an original tarot card-inspired graphic on the front, setting the stage for creativity, positive energy and inspiration. It is a perfect addition to any theater enthusiast’s collection. Now everyone can have a ghostlight of their very own and let their creative light SHINE ON!

♥ Stickers are printed on waterproof, vinyl
♥ UV laminated for durability
♥ Glossy, holographic finish
♥ Each sticker is approximately 3.75”x 2.25”
♥ Permanent Adhesive
♥ Hand wash only

Even though they are weatherproof and waterproof, stickers NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DISHWASHERS.

Please tap dry with a napkin or towel after washing to prolong sticker life. 

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