Technician theatre patch
2-1/2" Proud Technician Iron-on Patch - mightywithalltrades
2-1/2" Proud Technician Iron-on Patch - mightywithalltrades
Mighty With All Trades

Costumer Proud Technician Iron-on Patch

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Costumer Proud Technician Iron-on Patches

Time to wear your pride around. Sport a technician patch with the words "I am a proud technician". These iron-on patches can be adhered to hats, jackets, messenger bags or backpacks. These patches are sublimated, meaning they are printed using high heat activated ink that transfers to the patch.

💜2-1/2" Round Iron-on Patches
💜Made of 100% Polyester. Black Border
💜Heat Activated Adhesive Backing
💜All patches are printed with sublimation ink that will not peel, crack or fray.

Iron-On Instructions 

1. Pre heat iron to wool temperature setting. DO NOT USE STEAM DURING THIS APPLICATION. If using a heat press, set to 300 degrees.

2. Surface of fabric should be clean before applying.

3. Preheat fabric where attaching patch for 10-15 seconds.

4. Position patch on garment. Cover design with a thin cloth/handkerchief to protect design.

5. Press straight down for 15-20 seconds with constant pressure. NO BACK AND FORTH!

6. If possible turn the garment inside out and repeat. If not, press from the back side of the fabric. Be sure to place your cloth on the design side to protect your ironing board/garment fabric from ink transfer, should it occur.

7. Let cool for one minute. If edge comes up, repeat. Patches can be dry cleaned or washed in a washing machine with cold water. Air dry.