Congrats Tech Crew Merit Badge, 1-1/2" Button

Congrats Tech Crew Merit Badge, 1-1/2" Button

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Congrats Merit Badge

There are days you feel like you didn't quite make it but you didn't quite fail. Your first tech rehearsal was a rough, some props got broken, toes were stubbed and the fog machine caught fire. It's ok because it gets better and you didn't suck. So let's celebrate the win. Together.

As a crew member we know how stressful putting on a production can be. Sometimes you just have to celebrate the small victories in life, the good, the bad and the close calls. Show technicians some love by giving them a special badge of honor for their dedication to the craft.

♥ Multiple buttons for multiple situations.
♥ 1-1/2” pin back button
♥ Listing is for pack of 1 

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