Booth Buddies Tech Crew Merit Badge, 1-1/2" Button

Booth Buddies Tech Crew Merit Badge, 1-1/2" Button

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Booth Buddies Merit Badge

In the cover of darkness, bonds are made and oaths are taken. You've shared stories, stresses, malfunctions and panic attacks. Sound and lights are no joke. This pin is to remind you that you aren't alone in that dark cave in the back of the house.

As a crew member we know how stressful putting on a production can be. Sometimes you just have to celebrate the small victories in life, the good, the bad and the close calls. Show technicians some love by giving them a special badge of honor for their dedication to the craft.

♥ Multiple buttons for multiple situations
♥ 1-1/2” pin back button
♥ Available in packs of 1

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