32 pc 1/2" Scale Model UIL One Act Pay Unit Set
32 pc 1/2" Scale Model UIL One Act Pay Unit Set
32 pc 1/2" Scale Model UIL One Act Pay Unit Set
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32 pc 1/2" Scale Model UIL One Act Pay Unit Set

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UIL One Act Play Scale Model Unit Set

The UIL Unit Set is a staple among theatre programs across the state of Texas. The model set can be used as a tool to explore set design for competition or as a classroom tool for teaching students. Platforms and Pylons are printed with a hollow bottom, great for stacking. Stair units and Ramps are printed with a solid bottom.

🎭Printed in 1/2" = 1’ scale
🎭Includes 32 pieces.
🎭Each piece is made from eco-friendly, corn based PLA plastic.
🎭Available in Cool Gray
🎭Each set is made to order, 34+ hrs of printing.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery. Larger quantities than 1 will take more time to print. 

The 32 piece full set includes:
2 - 4x8 platform
2 - 4x4 platform
2 - 8' pylon
2 - 6' plyon
2 - 4' pylon
2 - 4' stair unit
2 - 2' stair unit
2 - 4x4 ramp
4 - Bi-folds
4 - Tri-folds
1 - Door unit***
1 - Window unit***
1 - French door unit***
1 - Storage Case

*** The door, window and French door are printed with folding jacks. Please note that the door/window is not functional. It is one piece and does not open.

Due to the nature of 3d printing, there is a slight texture on the surface where material has been extruded. Do not expose your model unit set to hot temperature, this may cause warping of material.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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It’s great and will be awesome to use at school.

Great set!

I teach middle school theatre and have been wanting one of these for a while. I love It and can’t wait to use it in class! Great product and a great price point.

Leesa Rankins
Set Design Model Kit

I just got my box of kits for my tech students. I'm so excited for them to take their set design plans and make them come to life!

Dylan Scott
A simple, yet effective product

I received my order today and I am PLEASANTLY surprised with how quickly it arrived. The quality of this product is incredible and I have already had so much fun tinkering with the kits!



Scaled pieces were great. The intention of the packaging was also great, cooking with a little Tupperware container for them. But the container wad busted on arrival, and it was as mess. The model sets themselves are great.